Here are answers to questions you might have. If you have others, please contact me.

A website up to 5 pages deep, with:

a “landing page” (or “home” page as it’s most commonly called), and 4 others which might include…

  • a contact page (suggested)
  • an “about us” page
  • a product “shop” page (with up to 10 products)
  • a blog
  • a FAQ page
  • any other informational pages

For additional pages (ex. product pages, etc.) you can check out the other deals on the “shop” page for this website, but 5 pages is a great start for just about any small business. (All packages with a shopping page include cart and checkout pages which are not factored into the page count.)

Note (as explained on the home page): Before I can work on your website, you must establish your website hosting and domain registration, which should cost less than $25. This secures you as the owner of the website domain name, and gives you “web space” on which to install your website. You can either contact the hosting site yourself, or I am willing to act on your behalf if you so desire.

Definitely not! While most websites across the internet are structurally pretty much the same, I take into account the nature of your business, and try to customize it as much as possible to fit your needs and your product. Your website is a representation of you and the quality of the products you sell, so it needs to reflect your business and style. I’ll work with you to achieve this goal.

If you imagine an actual brick-and-mortar store on a street in your city or town, the domain registration would be considered the name on the sign above the door of your store. The website host would be the actual store itself, with all your goods for sale inside. It’s actually the internet equivalent of the same model.

Sure, if it’s available! Just type in your desired name on any web browser, and if you can’t find a website by that name, we’ll lock it down for your use. Just make sure it’s something people can easily remember!

As much information as you can give me about you and your products, and generally what your goals are as they apply to your website. If you have products to sell, good quality pictures are a must! For details on what that entails, contact me and I’ll provide more information.

You will also need to provide some business and personal information if you want me to purchase your domain name registration & actual web hosting site. Unlike some others who provide similar services, YOU own your website, not ME! If you want me to act on your behalf you would need to provide valid credit card information for your purchase (which I in no way retain or share apart from the purchase). Incidentally, I don’t have favorites, and shop for the best deal offers for you at the time of the purchase.

If you prefer, you can contact and purchase the web hosting dealer yourself (Go Daddy, E host, or any company you choose). Keep in mind that this is an area where, if you don’t know what you are doing, these companies are experts at selling you a lot of peripherals you DO NOT NEED! At the same time, if you DON’T choose the proper services, it’s difficult (and more costly) to go back and change your order and purchase details. (I in no way benefit from these companies by purchasing from specific vendors.)

1 – Contact me, or purchase one of the packages on the “shop” page of this website.

2 – Collate materials needed for moving forward with the website installation. These would include:

  • desired website domain name (ex. or
  • item pictures and descriptions of individual products
  • information about you and your business endeavors
  • EIN # (your tax code for your business registered with the federal government if you have one)
  • credit card information (if you want me to handle the purchase of your domain registration and setting up your website hosting vendor)

Of course! Updates are charged at an incremental rate of $25/hour. I don’t charge a minimum (of an hour, as most webmasters do). It works out to roughly $0.42 a minute. If I work 10 minutes to update your site, it will cost you less than $5 (closer to $4). I keep careful records of time spent on each website, which are available upon request with your billing.

Our original business (for which I built and secured our first website) is called “MugWumpers”. (We make decorative mugs.) We were trying to come up with a unique name, and I remembered the political term from the early 1900’s, “Mugwump”. A mugwump was a politician who vacillated concerning his position on issues. It was said that his “mug” was on one side of the fence, while his “wump” was on the other. So following up on the idea, the name “WebWumpers” was born. Silly? Perhaps. Memorable? It’s proven to be so far, and that’s what counts!